Permanent Unwanted Hair Reduction


Permanent Unwanted Hair Reduction

Permanent Unwanted Hair Reduction

The advance technology of laser hair reduction now make possible to get rid of unwanted hair of the body with effective results. Now it is possible to get the smooth and hair free skin by our laser hair reduction technology.

At Kara Skin and Hair Clinic, our motive is to provide highest quality of the result. Our trained teams have performed number of procedures and they are giving fully satisfaction result to the clients with all types of skin.

"Be with us and stay natural."

Things to Remember for Laser Hair Reduction

  • Number of session require for treatment may be 6-8. Hormonal problem, menopause may activate additional hair growth, in which case more number of sessions may require.
  • Results are varying from person to person, but 80% reduction is expected.
  • Hair should not be thread, plucked or waxed during the course of treatment.
  • It is advisable that to reduce direct exposure to the sun before and after treatment.

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